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Business Design

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Building a digital business is a science. Xopo systematically solves business problems with precise design methodology

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"Beyond looking good... Xopo designs digital platforms and brands that truly convert..."

What We Do

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We work with you through a 4-phase process to achieve results for your digital business.

Phase 1

  • Project scoping

  • Brand Audit

  • Branding workshop

  • Market analysis

  • User analysis & research

  • Brand positioning

Define & Strategize
goals & objectives

  • Market research

  • User research

  • Journey mapping

  • UX design

  • Tone & manner

  • Brand strategy

Ideate & Create 
what you could be

  • Brand identity 

  • Ui design

  • Experience design

  • Website design

  • Print media design

  • Mobile-apps 

  • Team training

  • Campaign development

  • Social media management

  • Content creation

  • Growth implementation

  • Partnership development

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Discover & Align
who are you

Maintain & Sustain 
the ongoing plan

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