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Together through play

The idea of Gioco came about when a group of passionate and driven founders wanted to create a platform for gamers and their friends to gather and share their gaming moments freely. Communication between gamers posed a challenge with the lack of a unified platform for gamers to be themselves and chat with each other regardless of the games or platform they played on.





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The gaming community is certainly an active center of life - people often want to connect to share their passions not only through forming online relationships but also offline ones as well. We saw an opportunity together with the Gioco team to give gamers an identity and a home to call their own. 

Though game developers, publishers and distributors have been in this space for a long time, with each serving their user base with their own platforms, few has truly empowered the gamer quite like Gioco.

"People and the games they play are fragmented -They need a common platform where they can feel comfortable being themselves.”


Alignment and definition

Being cognizant that gamers do not need another online social app in their hands, we had to re-imagine a new product, one with offline utility at its core. The Gioco team needed a platform where gamers can find what they are looking for, express themselves freely, and connect with like-minded people who share their same interests. But more importantly, it was clear that Gioco required an identity that gamers could recognise and feel a sense of belonging.

Gioco Moodboard 2.JPG
Gioco Moodboard 1.JPG
Gioco Sketches 2.JPG
Gioco Sketches.JPG

"We wanted to create an identity that would be immediately recognisable regardless of what kind of gamer you are.”

Gioco Logo Portfolio.JPG
Gioco Mascot.JPG

A symbol any gamer would recognise 

How do you create a symbol that every gamer would recognize? A character is the first thing that will be introduced in any game. We set out to create a mascot that could represent play and the entire gaming community.


Ideation and creation

The Gioco team comprised of a group of gamers who meet up frequently through self-organized table-top gaming sessions. They felt that the online gaming community is spoiled with choices of platforms to communicate with one another but the options for the offline(table-top) scene were somewhat lacking. We set out to create an app experience that will serve and delight the needs of any gamer.

Gioco User Demographics.JPG

Understanding the users

We needed to understand the behaviour of the gaming community, their habits and their preferences in order to provide an inclusive experience for both casual or professional gamers. An in-depth survey was created and shared with various gaming community groups to understand their thoughts and considerations when it comes to making new friends and even sharing of content. User personas were then created to guide the experience design we wanted for the app.

Gioco Wireframes.JPG
Gioco Wireframe.JPG

Building the experience

The experience designed for the Gioco app was focused on 3 aspects. Giving a sense of identity to the user, connectivity and networking and empowering gamers to do what they do best; to play. The Gioco app allows users to create their own aliases, find their favourite games and other users who share the same interests, create gaming sessions and track upcoming events, and share their favourite gaming moments with everyone.



Since the creation of Gioco’s branding, the brand story and identity conveyed across all touchpoints were much more consistent and concise. As a result, Gioco was able to secure funding from 80% of investors reached and successfully closed their first investment round.

The Gioco team would go on to connect with offline table-top game stores and distributors across Singapore and S.E.A to bring gamers around the world closer to their local gaming community and to each other.

Gioco Outcome.JPG

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