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Healthier eating made accessible

Mushroom Kingdom was created with a vision to be the trusted brand for healthier eating. That means bringing their delicious mushroom products closer and more accessible to everyone.



Mushroom Kingdom


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Identifying a growing global market for healthier eating, the team was excited to embark on a journey of discovery with Xopo. We crystallized the core lifestyle beliefs of the founders and translated their personalities into a unique brand, to penetrate a specific market vertical in the healthy food industry.

"People recognize the need for healthier diets but they are often swayed because the alternative is far more expensive or simply not tasty - We would like to change that.


Alignment and definition

We began with our strategic branding workshops, to help the Mushroom Kingdom team bring focus back to what mattered most; their target customers. Their vision was to become the trusted brand for healthier eating. And their mission, to make healthy eating lifestyles accessible for everyone through their range of innovative mushroom products...

A brand for the people

The brand identity and design direction was created to send a simple message to the customers - That anyone can engage and be a part of the shared vision of the company. The extensive range of products and services that Mushroom Kingdom provides required high applicability for the logo and the rest of their brand assets. We knew the brand identity needed to be approachable, wholesome and contemporary.

Mushroom-Kingdom-Brand Identity.jpg
MK Brand Guide.JPG

Freshness delivered

What sets the mushrooms and fresh produce from Mushroom Kingdom apart from others was that they are the results of their dedication to delivering freshness and quality to their customers. Their frequent participation in the local farmers' market and getting on the ground with the community means that they hear and understand the needs of their customers. This was a source of valuable information that would guide us and Mushroom Kingdom to  build a strong brand presence and set the direction in all their products and services.


Grow what you eat

Consumers rarely second guess the source of the food that is presented on our plates and thus we often take food that we have for granted.

Together, we asked ourselves, what if a piece of the farm can be placed in the hands of the consumers? This would allow them to not only understand the source of the fresh produce that they are buying, but also share the fun and satisfaction of growing their own food. We designed and created a unique packaging for their mushroom grow kit that would eventually be one of the most effective products under Mushroom Kingdom.

One of the main strategies was for them to reach out to schools, children, families and even businesses with their very own mushroom grow kit. This strategy boosted the brand awareness  and positioned them as a company that not only sells products but as the subject matter experts.

Option 1.jpg

A role model

The Mushroom Kingdom team was formed by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to do good and build a business that would make a change in peoples' lives; one mushroom at a time. As the brand grew, we knew they needed a face that would support the brand moving forward. A character that would appeal to audiences young and old, bringing a renewed energy to the scene. Thus, the mascot was born.

'Captain Shrooms at your service.'

MK Mascot.JPG

Building a lifestyle

Brand building is a continuous process. Social media and maintaining an online presence of the brand remains a crucial and ever-important way to keep existing customers engaged and excited for new products and updates. This helps the business reach out to new customers and market. We helped Mushroom Kingdom to strategize, maintain and create new contents to reach out to the community.



We have come a long way with Mushroom Kingdom and we've watched the company grow to new heights and exciting transformations. While a lot has happened, Mushroom Kingdom remained true to their brand vision and mission of always delivering goodness. Through active participation of health and wellness events to this day and keeping a close relationship with the people. They have since expanded their outreach to F&B businesses and distributors, forming partnerships with, 7-Eleven and Hai Di Lao just to name a few.


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