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Consumer Product

DokiWatch is a product of Doki Technologies - the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids. Parents can rest with a peace of mind, knowing that their child is always within reach.



Doki Technologies


Consumer product, IOT

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DokiWatch was originally intended to be a wearable device for the elderly, but when the team sat down with Xopo to affirm their brand position, we discovered that the product-market fit was more suitable for a younger target audience and use case.



There has been growing demands from parents who want lesser smartphone exposure for their children but still require a functional device to track their whereabouts - this was the perfect solution. With Xopo's redesign, DokiWatch became a new empowerment for parents to have a peace of mind whilst maintaining the level of independence and safety of their children.

"Xopo's Business Design methodology allows businesses to look at the market with brand new eyes "
Doki Brand Positioning.JPG
Doki Brand Personality.JPG

Refreshed branding

By aptly combining the popularized vernacular ‘Okie Dokie’ with the connotations of affirmation and assurance, we re-conceptualization the company name to reflect a sense of safety. Xopo integrated the new messaging in every aspect of the business to create a refreshed and vibrant identity for Doki.


"A colourful and vibrant brand identity is created to inspire excitement and to reflect the energy of its user - the kids. ”

Doki Brand Guide.JPG
Doki Brand Guide 2.JPG

Simple and intuitive interface

Simplicity was key for the user experience of the Doki app, especially when the intended audience required ease and convenience. Visuals that were unnecessary or distracting were stripped down, in favour of a more intuitive experience. Icons and images were put in focus in place of words for increased visual legibility - A child could use it.


The focus on keeping things simple extended to the user experience design of the Dokiwatch. Selection options for each screen were kept to no more than three while information displayed on the smaller device screen was kept to a minimum.

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Kickstarting a success

We took the new brand to the next stage when we crafted a campaign for an international product launch. Xopo worked with the Doki team to provide the campaign strategy, the milestones and stretch goals, together with all necessary content and digital assets for the big reveal.

After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the experience was replicated on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for yet another success to raise additional funds and awareness for the company.



Since our engagement with Doki Technologies, they have partnered Tata Communications to equip DokiWatch with MOVE™ SIM for smart internet connectivity and to scale into more countries globally. Xopo is proud to have been part of the rebirth of a brand and a product that spearheaded a new consumer category

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